Kayo Ebisu

After graduating at the Bunka Fashion
College in Tokyo, Kayo Ebisu worked as
head stylist at the Tokyo branch of Pierre
Cardin. She has been living and working
in both Italy and Japan for many years,
and has collaborated as a freelance
stylist with important fashion houses,
including the Max Mara Group, where
she worked on two lines, as well as
Hiroko Koshino Japan, Maria Grazia
Severi, Pancaldi & B., Veste Bene di
Miroglio and Galleria della Canapa.
Kayo Ebisu was one of the first
fashion designer to study organic cotton
and eco-sustainable fabrics: new
solutions to provide style and comfort.
So, in 2008 the new company of Kayo
Ebisu was born.

Kayo Ebisu
Kayo Ebisu