Kayo's Organic

Kayo Ebisu's bio-couture is based on constant research for excellence.
Organic fabrics are natural materials
in which one can perceive both sun and air.
Vitality and positivity are the keywords which
characterise the idea Kayo has of dressing.
the body Wearing a garment means regenerating
oneself with the essence of the fabric,
creating a pleasant space between body
and clothing, feeling affection and sweet nostalgia,
enjoying simple, essential beauty,
elegance and style which go beyond time.

Fabrics and production.
Kayo selects only the very best quality fabrics
and yarns, strictly certified as being organic,
featuring innovative characteristics in quality
and softness. Items are craft-made by highly
skilled garment makers. All Kayo Ebisu's
clothing is proof of the painstaking care over
detail only someone who has passion for
his or her profession will take.

Il Bio di Kayo